The Cape Grace wanted to redesign and redevelop their website and associated digital tools. It needed to be dynamic and built so they could effect real-time changes anywhere on the site. The redesign offered a fresh logic and ease of navigation rarely seen on such content-rich sites.

Behind the scenes, the Cape Grace site features a powerful, custom-developed content management system that enables non-technical users to manage everything from promotions to galleries to translations. Notably, the CMS maintains presentation rules when content is added or amended, leaving users free to work without fear of breakage or needing to know arcane formatting rules to preserve existing layouts.

The most impressive aspect of the site, however, is also its least conspicuous: from the moment a user first arrives to the time that they leave, the entire site is dynamically generated without a single page refresh Рeverything from navigating through content to interacting with forms occurs both gracefully and seamlessly. The site is built upon a framework developed in-house at Dalmatian that dynamically loads and initialises scripts and presentation assets on demand whilst Рcritically Рmanaging the allocation of memory within the browser to ensure that there is no slow-down due to undisposed of assets, the usual bane of large AJAX websites. While AJAX itself is nothing new, a site of this scope and complexity that is infinitely browseable appears to be a world first.